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It’s: “Tamagotchi meets Pokemon” but with real fusion between the two. People were crazy about Tamagotchis. It gave the user a sense of pride. You created and developed something and then measured your success by seeing how it fared against the elements. It gave the user a unique feeling of power. My creation survived. 

MonPets took that same concept and applied it to the world of MMRPG’s.

In the game – the user selects a creature. He then takes it to its habitat to grow, train and evolve. Throughout the game you acquire new skills and fighting moves, buy items such as armor and life potions and search for other creatures in the world you think yours can defeat. During battle the creatures use their unique skills to fight. Each creature can “learn” the other’s moves and use them in future battles. The winner gets money and items for use in the game.

As the game gains a following, the game itself will evolve. New creatures will be added. Better items will be created and users will have a much broader customization base to truly diversify and create the ultimate, unique champion fighter.

There’s a tremendous need out there for a game which is new but not too different and MonPets hits the spot.

 The game will be available for iPhone, android and facebook.

MMRPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games) are incredibly exciting. The notion of being able to compete on a global scale without physical limitations is just plain awesome. That being said – MMRPG’s are a dime a dozen. Every other day it seems there’s some new game on the market offering nothing new other than different characters from various sci-fi/fantasy genres and slightly different weaponry. One attempt to deal with the desperate need for something new in the gaming world has been to just try and combine different games and create a Frankenstein’s monster of genres and concepts. For the most part – the parts don’t fuse. The result is the same as before just with some new add-ons. The only games which succeed in using that strategy are made by companies with enormous development and advertising budgets. They gain a following by using brute force, so how “truly new” the game is – doesn’t really matter. Then every so often a new game comes out with a simple but unique concept or variation which users love just because it’s not the same old thing that’s been shoved down their throats for the past ten years. On the other hand many games are developed which are so atypical and complex that hardly any users want to take the large amount of time to see if they like it on the offshoot chance that it happens to actually be good.  

Enter MonPets – A perfect combination of a unique concept without having to learn “quantum mechanics”. Strictly speaking it’s not quite a role playing game. The user selects a creature to develop and train. The creature then does battle with other users’ creatures. The advantage here is that the user himself isn’t fighting. The user raises a champion fighting creature and then has to see whether he did a good enough job for it to succeed in the world out there. The strategy is in the preparation and evolution of the creature. In this game you’re the creator – not the fighter.

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